The design/build approach means consolidating the architectural design and construction services, making both phases the responsibility of one single provider. We select a qualified team of architects, engineers and key subcontractors which best fit our clients’ goals and o bjectives for budget, schedule and quality. In many cases, the design/build process provides the simplest and most economical method of project completion and has the added benefit of single source accountability. The design/build approach advantages are:

We’ll give you a single source of responsibility and the confidence you deserve with our design/build expertise. That results in shorter delivery times, smoother delivery and savings in final costs. We control costs and continually enforce the schedule which produces a reduction of time spent by you on design and construction.

We understand the importance of building a quality project while maintaining budgets and controlling construction costs. There are several services we provide during the construction phase, including: schedule management, budget and estimating, submittals, RFI & Change Order management, material and subcontractor procurement, monthly financial accounting, quality control, closeout and warranty documentation

We are committed to building projects that provide a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving energy efficiencies for our clients. We take the responsibility of inserting LEED or Energy Star rating knowledge into the design and construction process by working with qualified engineers and subcontractors for product usage and installation. By doing so, we not only help owners realize tax credits and energy savings, but deliver projects that leave a minimal footprint on the environment.

The preconstruction phase is one of the most critical phases to the development and construction of a project, and one that we focus on the most. We begin by:

Assembling a qualified and project specific design team, while clarifying all owner expectations before the project begins. We choose only pre-qualified subcontractors to assist during preconstruction. Each prospective subcontractor is put through an extensive interview process that substantiates licensing and insurance, trade references, bonding capacity, backlog information, safety performance and litigation. Our subcontractor database maintains a ranking of these subcontractors that tracks performance letters, safety deficiencies, job history, warranty performance, etc.

-Carefully evaluating the feasibility of the design elements as they relate to the construction budget, time and life cycle costing.

-Providing pre-construction cost estimates, cost evaluations as well as pre-construction schedules. We assist with long lead item identification, alternate material suggestions, and any other items that effect budget and/or schedule.

-Working closely with the owners, cities and financial institutions to provide all required documents for funding and for city approvals.

Integrated project delivery (IPD is a construction project delivery method that seeks efficiency and involvement of all participants (people, systems, business structures and practices) through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction. IPD combines ideas from integrated practice and lean construction. The objectives of IPD are to increase productivity, reduce waste (waste being described as resources spent on activities that does not add value to the end product), avoid time overruns, enhance final product quality, and reduce conflicts between owners, architects and contractors during construction. IPD emphasizes the use of technology to facilitate communication between these parties involved in a construction process.